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MBS Media events

The 10.1 update to FCPX brought many improvements, the introduction of Libraries changed the way media is organised. Steve and Mark take a look at the range of options when importing media.

In the second instalment of a tour of the new features within Final Cut Pro 10.1, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin continue their look at the way Libraries have changed media handling.

There are many more options available now to the editor as media doesn't have to be stored within an Event. They also look at the workflow for importing from a camera card and suggest how media should be handled for collaborative workflow.

As always, a great tutorial from the guys and we look forward to watching the rest in the series. If you would like to know more now, they have released FCP 10.1 In-Depth which is for editors who want to know about the new features and best practices for updating.

There's also a set of 42 brand new video lessons totalling six hours called The Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. Priced at $49.00 it's probably the quickest and best way to get up to speed if you've never used FCPX before.



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