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Time for another instalment from Steve and Mark on how to use Libraries in Final Cut Pro X. Watch out for one super tip that will make the opening of FCPX Libraries quicker.

FCP 10.1 has been out for nearly a month and we should all be familiar with the concept of Libraries, but there's always extra information and detail to learn. In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, the regular duo of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer continue their voyage on the explanation of Libraries.

This week they look at what a Library actually consists of, where it can be stored and how you can open it. It starts off at beginner level, but packs a great tip that makes this episode essential viewing. Maybe we should read the manual more often and find out other great ways to do things that we take for granted!

Another great tutorial from the guys and we look forward to getting deeper into Libraries in the series. If you would like to know more now, they have released FCP 10.1 In-Depth which is for editors who want to know about the new features and best practices for updating.

There's also a set of 42 brand new video lessons totalling six hours called The Apple Pro Video Series: Final Cut Pro X. Priced at $49.00 it's probably the quickest and best way to get up to speed if you've never used FCPX before.




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