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One we have been keeping our eye on for the release, the new Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Professional Post Production book is out in Kindle & Ebook format. Authored by Brendan Boykin and published by Peachpit, this book follows a whole project through from start to finish.

Hot off the press is master trainer Brendan Boykin's new book, Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Professional Post-Production. For the moment it's only available as a Kindle download, but the paperback version is available to order via Amazon or Peachpit. Brendan very kindly described the book for us:

And here is the publication just issued on iTunes  Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1 - Brendan Boykin

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 presents the reader the real-world workflow of Final Cut Pro X: Import, Edit, Share. The reader experiences the same workflow typical of most Final Cut Pro editors. (all media supplied.)

Beginning with importing media, the editor manages media and clips within the library structure of Final Cut Pro X 10.1. The importing and organizing of media and clips is addressed in the first three lessons. The lessons continue to editing as the editor manipulates the primary storyline and the magnetic timeline, adds connected clips and connected storylines. The initial four lessons conclude with the share feature to export a rough draft of the edited project.

Lesson Five begins with an exercise on the importance of encapsulating the project for backup, before performing a revision edit pass importing and editing additional clips. The editor proceeds with adding a lower-third, trying some effects, and mixing audio. The share feature is explored in more depth including accessing Compressor at the conclusion of Lesson Eight.

The final two chapters cover more on executing media and clip management within the Final Cut Pro X libraries and in adding specialized sub-workflows to your project. Subworkflows covered include synchronizing a dual-system recorded clip, working with multicamera media, and compositing a chroma key clip.

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The Rough Draft created in Lessons 1-4

A major curriculum change is the book's use of one project media set for the core workflow. The reader experiences editing in as pure a form viable within a training environment. The book guides them on the edits required to achieve the lesson objectives.

By the end of Lesson Four, a new editor has touched the major facets of video editing and created an edit that is theirs, from importing to sharing. That same project gets revised and shaped in the remaining lessons to yield a second version.

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Version 2

A common question regarding training is, “With self-paced training materials on the market, what’s the point of attending a class at an Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC)?” The Final Cut Pro X 10.1 book and other training materials out there are fantastic ways to learn Final Cut Pro X.

What you benefit from in attending an AATC class is the experience and knowledge of an Apple Certified Trainer. An Apple Certified Trainer can take you deeper in areas specific to your workflow that the training materials may only cover briefly. Maybe you want to know more about retiming a clip. The trainer can show you additional retiming options available for every clip. More than that, a trainer can then point you towards applying additional effects that your workflow may need that’s not covered in other materials.

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Using the Blade Speed Tool

The dynamics of a trainer guiding you in your workflow are enhanced further by the other attendees at an AATC course. As attendees collaborate through their sharing of post-production experiences, everyone’s knowledge grows. The AATC classroom is a forum much like fcp.co, a helpful environment there to inspire your storytelling by answering technical and creative questions.

Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1: Professional Post-Production


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