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macbreak ultimate FCPX part two

Tuesday afternoon means one thing, a brand new episode of MacBreak Studio! We pick it up where we left off with the boys exploring their ultimate Final Cut Pro X system in more detail. We also publish their FCPX (10.1) presentation from the recent LACPUG meeting. Grab a coffee!

The first episode in the series looked at the kit being plugged up together with an overall view of the system. This new episode gets a lot more exciting as Mark Spencer and Steve Martin go into a lot more detail about the components.

Let's just refresh our memory with what the guys have on the table:

Apple Mac Pro 8-Core AMD Dual FirePro D700 32GB RAM

Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display

Promise Technology Pegasus2 R8 24TB RAID

Sharp PN-K321 32" Edge LED LCD Monitor


Mark and Steve have been busy! We have to thank them and Michael Horton from the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group for publishing their presentation on Final Cut Pro 10.1.



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