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A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week the boys are looking at Mark's favourite subject: Camera Archives. You might laugh, but making archives might just save your bacon one day.

Not the most glamorous of subjects, but essential to know if you shoot on cards in cameras. In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin take a good look at how and why you should make camera archives.

Maybe the best thing about this episode is when Mark tries to lose the clip, the FCPX database seems to be amazing at being able to track clips and their locations no matter what! We also see how to reimport footage from the archive back into the Event Viewer.

As we have mentioned before, two new Ripple Training courses that we published about here are still flying off the shelves. If you would like to know more from Steve and Mark, we highly recommend them. Also under full disclosure, we get a little cut which helps fund our rack of servers which is creaking under the ever expanding website traffic.

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