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macbreak studio archiving tip

A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week we have an updated way to copy a Library without taking optimised and proxy media over.

Just to show that everybody is still learning about FCPX, in this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin have come up with a better way of reducing the file size of libraries when archiving.

Previously, they had recommended going into the FCP bundle and deleting the proxy and optimised media by hand. You don't need to archive those as they can be recreated in the Library later. Now they have found a better way as there is an extra dialogue box that pops up when a Library is copied over to a new drive. This is an excellent tip as normally you wouldn't expect to have any more options once you've hit the save button.

There are ways to perform this task to a Library without copying Libraries. Arctic Whiteness has a very cool application called Library Manager that performs unwanted media deletion automatically.

As always, great tips from the guys again this week. If you would like to know more, take a look at the tutorial they mention in the video. Final Cut Pro 10.1 In-Depth is $29.99 and available from the Ripple Training website.




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