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garber FCPX workflow

If you missed Michael Garber's Final Cut Pro X demos at NAB this month, don't worry. He's just published his multicam broadcast workflow online for everybody to pickup tips from.

Michael Garber was giving demonstrations of his commercial workflow in a hotel suite for most of this year's NAB. We would have loved to sit next to him for the full rundown on his workflow, but we couldn't make over the pond this time.

Not to worry, he has very kindly just sent us this:

Just wanted to send you a link to a tutorial for a pretty complicated workflow that I've been working on for the past year. I cut some spots for a major network in X last June and discovered all these cool under-the-hood things you can do with WAV file iXML, Sync-N-Link, Roles (and subroles), and X2Pro. I've been giving private demos on this for about the past six months.

What I've learned is that, if you get the sound, picture, and post departments on the same page, then you can shave hours or days off of the prep for the edit -- as well as lots of time from prep for the final mix. What this does is effectively allow post and production to work closer together, since the amount of prep time is so little. Editors can start working on set within 15 minutes of receiving footage. It's all exciting stuff (if you're into that sort of thing! ;).



3rd party apps used in this vid, which I highly recommend for use with FCP X:

Intelligent Assistance Sync-N-Link X

X2Pro Audio Convert

Sound Devices Wave Agent

Some great tips from Michael in the tutorial, we are very excited to see the character names metadata making it all the way through the editing process to the dub. We also have to applaud Michael for his presentation skills and humour, maybe we can convince him to keep on making the tutorials!

Don't forget to visit his blog Garbershop.


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