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So what happens if you want to take a large editing project on the road and use proxies only? Standby Mark and Steve with the answer in this week's new MacBreak Studio.

It might seem a simple idea of taking an FCPX project on the road, but what if there's lots of media and the files are far too big to get on to a portable drive?

In this week's new episode, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to prepare a project for proxy only editing. The seamless switching between proxy & original or optimised media is a feature than many of use don't use. After all, we all have beefy machines with high capacity super-fast RAIDS attached have we not? The downside is that that system won't fit in a bag if you have to get on a plane and travel.

This is where the benefit of proxies comes into its own, carry on editing with the smaller files and then switch back to the original media when back in the office or home. Great stuff from the guys again, we needed reminding about how useful proxies can be.

If you would like to know more, take their latest FCPX tutorial. Final Cut Pro 10.1 In-Depth is $29.99 and available from the Ripple Training website.




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