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tutorial roundup 8

It was mentioned that we haven't done one of our big fat FCPX tutorial roundups recently. Let's fix that right now with range of videos from the quick tip to a detailed three part class.

We love video tutorials, not only is it the fastest way to learn, you are also benefiting from the knowledge of others and not making their mistakes. 

First up is a video from KingAhSing. We include it in this roundup for two reasons. 

1) We have made the same mistake many times.
2) His infectious enthusiasm made us laugh.


The next three are at the other end of the spectrum. From our friends at Ripple Training, these three videos add up to about 26 minutes of instruction on advanced keying in Final Cut Pro X.

Part One


Part Two


Part Three


Back to the short lessons and this quick tip from the QuickTip King (who else!) shows us how to modify audio levels with the range tool.


Want to know how to do an automatic strobe effect? The NLE Ninja shows us how to use a free FCPX strobe plugin from our list of free effects hosted here on FCP.co.


Need to highlight part of a video clip with a rectangle without using a plugin? Izzy Hyman has the answer.


Finally, we find out from the Web Video Chefs how to do an 'Instagram Style' video.


A big thank you to all tutorial makers, we will keep publishing them if you keep making them!