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garber FCPX logging

Has a Ninja ever logged? It doesn't really matter and the tutorial in this clickbait headline won't disappoint. Michael Garber is back with his humour and tips, this time focusing on logging.

Another great tutorial from Michael Garber and this time he goes into detail about how he logs interviews for corporate or documentary use. This is his second FCPX tutorial after his very popular tutorial on broadcast preparation & audio workflow.

One thing we noticed is that Michael likes to log interviews in 'list view' in the browser. We have done the same too, it's really quick to be able to spot all the answers on the waveform, even counting down to the one you need. Sometimes the filmstrip view becomes slightly unwieldy with a lot of interviews, especially with the waveforms showing. Two things we would like...

1) A filmstrip view with one clip per horizontal line.

2) The ability to hit a shortcut on a clip icon and the filmstrip would fill the browser, however long it would be.

Enough of the rant and back to Michael's tutorial on logging. He features two examples (shame about the blur) where we get to find out that the time taken to keyword clips saves time in the edit.





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