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Didn't stay up last night to watch the roundtable Final Cut Pro X discussion? No problem as the whole recorded event is now on Youtube. Over two hours of tips and tricks to watch. 

We have to admit to going straight to bed after England's rather disappointing showing in Sao Paolo last night. So we had to wait until this morning to catch up on the chat. It starts off rather shakily with a few technical hitches, but once it gets going it's all good solid FCPX info. Hosted by Alex Lindsay, the show features Steve Martin, Mark Spencer, Sam Mestman and Michael Garber.

Similar to the normal MacBreak Studios, this show benefits from the longer chat in being able to get into more detail with a more conversational style. There's also five people around a rather nifty table that allows each presenter to work the same Mac. No doubt there is a big USB hub underneath there somewhere!

 And still no update!


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