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Better late than never, we just got word that this week's MacBreak Studio is out and in this episode the guys have a few surprises about Auditions up their sleeves.

In this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer some clever tricks using Auditions. The trick about dropping video beneath a gap clip can be used with ordinary clips too. A good tip to know.

We like Auditions, but we probably don't use them as much as we should. Our favourite trick is that a connected clip will change with the Audition too. This means that you can have different music tracks, sound FX or even graphics or cutaways swop out when you go through the different stored Auditions. All clever stuff.

As always, great stuff from the guys again this week. If you would like to know more, their latest FCPX tutorial. Final Cut Pro 10.1 In-Depth is $29.99 and available from the Ripple Training website.



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