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tutorial update july

The Summer so far has been slightly quiet for FCPX news if you discount the 10.1.2 update, so an ideal time for a tutorial roundup. Lots of tips for Motion and Final Cut Pro X and one NSFW tutorial that had us laughing.

We start of with a series of Motion tutorials uploaded by Simon Ubsdell of Tokyo Productions. Some very advanced techniques going on in these excellent videos.

Creating a Long Shadow 


Volumetric Lighting within Motion 


Volumetric Lighting within Motion 


 Another Volumetric tutorial!


Particle Collision 


Particle Collision 


Particle Collision Part 2


On to the FCPX tutorials and we start with tutorial regular Dan Allen who looks at a few of the new features in 10.1.2 (A few screen glitches in this one)

Managing the Cache & Media in Custom Locations


Copying and Pasting effects

KingTutsPro shows us the difference between paste attributes and paste effects.


Using FCPX with Three Monitors

Media6D runs us through the setup for three monitors for use with FCPX. A handy hint on how to use your iMac as a monitor screen too.


Final Cut Pro X for Real People NOT SAFE FOR WORK

We thought long and hard about publishing this video. Made in a similar way to the You Suck at Photoshop videos, this tutorial doesn't take the teaching process that seriously. Although we didn't learn too much, the beginning of the video did make us chuckle. Johnathon Busto is using 10.0.8, but you will understand from early on that it doesn't really matter. Worth 5 minutes.

We have to stress that this video is very NSFW. Do not watch if you are easily offended!



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