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The popular graphic instruction manual 'In the Socks of FCPX' has just had an update. If you like to learn via animated diagrams and can understand French, then this is a very clever and inexpensive reference.

Martin Gosset dropped us a line to let us know he's updated his graphic instruction manual called 'In the Socks of FCPX' to now include the new features of 10.1.2. Although looking at his webpage, maybe it should now be called 'In the Trainers (Sneakers) of FCPX!'

The 407 page manual, written in French and containing over 450 pictures and 60 short videos is priced at 14.50 Euros and is available from Martin's website as a download. It looks a cracking read and it's a shame as although we have been applying French subtitles to a programme for the last two weeks, sadly the O level French isn't up to getting the most out of the document.

Martin has worked hard on four new chapters:

  • import options
  • proxy & optimized media
  • Dealing with render files
  • New workflows with external media

Although 'chock full' is a rather an over used phrase, when scrolling through the PDF it does look like Martin has crammed an awful lot of information in there. He's not just taken the plain windows, he's also laid out workflows, detailed DSLR & GoPro file structures and other handy references such as suggesting a comprehensive list of Roles and even a chapter on current video formats.

Here are a few extracts from the manual. (Click for larger images)

in the socks fcpx 2

in the socks fcpx 1

in the socks fcpx 3