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Recording a voice into Final Cut Pro X got easier with the update to 10.1.2. The rehomed Macbreak Studio guys take a look at what's new and we also include Steve Martin's new 5 minute FCPX tutorial on music editing.

We do a lot of VO recording to picture with FCPX, so we were excited to see the new features in the renamed Record Voiceover, or to us, the Voiceover Tool! First of all, the red extending clip on the timeline is very cool and shows that FCPX can handle growing files right on the timeline. Very interesting.

Secondly, as the guys mention in the tutorial, there is the ability to turn off the monitoring. This is good as we have suffered a 1 frame delay on commentators headphones when being fed the audio from a box such as an AJA IO. We have to turn it off to avoid complaints from the commentators hearing themselves back with an echo.

Back to the new episode of Macbreak Studio and as you might have guessed by now, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how to record voiceover using the Record Voiceover tool. Make sure you hang in there until the end for a very handy tip on combining takes from Auditions.



We also include the second in the series of 'FCPX in Under 5 Minutes' from Steve Martin. This week he looks at trimming music using the Magnetic Timeline in a Secondary Storyline.

If you would like to know more from Mark and Steve, don't forget they have a large range of tutorials for all aspects of FCPX over on the Ripple Training website.




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