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What on earth is a cinemagraph and how do you make one? This new episode of MacBreak Studio explains all.

Well what can we say! Mark says that we were the inspiration for this latest episode of MacBreak Studio. Cinemagraphs can be simple to make and look great when when used in the right place.

In this latest episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to build a simple cinemagraph in Final Cut Pro X and a more complicated one in Motion.

If you would like to know more about Motion, make sure you check out Mark's excellent tutorials. If you are new, we can recommend this:

Getting Started in Motion



If you would like to see the sequence Mark referred to in the opening, take a look at the VT package called 'Time' that was aired on the BBC about 15 months ago. More details on how those cinemagraphs were created in this article on FCP.co Extra points for spotting Stephen Fry in the audience!


And of course we couldn't forget the latest edition of Steve's FCPX in under 5 minutes. This week he looks at how to make a stack of clips fade out (or in) at the same time with an episode called 'One Fade to Rule Them All."