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People use FCPX in many different ways. One of the uses we didn't expect it would shine at is stop motion animation editing.

We love to find new ways of using Final Cut Pro X and the more people that begin to use it, the more diverse the range of subject matter will become.

So we rather enjoyed Jonathan Lopez's behind the scenes screen recording of him running through the benefits of using FCPX for stop motion animation editing.

We are all used to using compound clips, but the way Jonathan uses them to corral and then retime his stills is certainly something we haven't seen before. Couple this with the magnetic timeline and it makes syncing up action to a track very simple.

All that and being able to add audio panning in 5.1 for $299 is pretty cool, especially when Jonathan admits to not knowing the program too well.

We will post Jonathan's tutorial followed by the finished film.





Want to know a bit more about how Jonathan makes the characters in his claymation films? He's also posted a video about making armatures which we have put at the top of a playlist.



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