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ripple tutorial updte 24 sept

How to have a range of custom timed cross dissolve in Final Cut Pro X, making auditions the same length and animating a logo in Motion to music. Yes, time for the Ripple trifecta of tutorials.

Are you missing your own set of favourite effects such as different duration dissolves that you had in FCP7? You can set the default duration in FCPX for transitions, but what about a quick way to access different length effects?

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how to override FCPX's default cross dissolve length by building custom transitions in Motion.

A great tip, but we will add one word of warning. As you have built a custom effect, if you share projects with others or move the project to another machine, you will need to copy these effects over as well. This is true for any custom effect built that is not part of Apple's pre-loaded bundle with the application.

As always, don't forget that Steve and Mark have a great set of tutorials for Final Cut Pro X and Motion (from beginner to advanced) over on the Ripple Training website.



Mark is back with more Motion tips in under five minutes. This week he animates a logo by using behaviours that respond to volume peaks in a music track.


Finally, it's back to Steve and this time he teaches us a trick to make sure that clips in auditions stay the same length.