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fcpx 10 feature-requests

We normally publish Steve Martin's FCPX in 5 Minutes videos in a roundup with MacBreak Studio, but we thought that this one would spark off a great debate.

Well what would Steve's 10 top requests be?


Some we agree with, maybe some to us have higher priorities. We quickly put together our list which isn't totally in order!

1 Quick audio fades (not using a transition but automating the fades on ends of clips)
2 Media management (copying of used media with handles)
3 Audio Automation
4 Better collaborative workflow such as publish and subscribe to events & projects
5 Ability to fill browser with one entire filmstrip (Shift Z?)
6 Easier to see GUI items such as duration text on the bottom and ranges on long filmstrips
7 Better editing in secondary storylines (mark an in and out in the storyline)
8 Audio meters with PPM and R128 capabilities
9 Motion roundtripping
10 Ability to update events with XML without creating a new one


So let the debate begin, why don't you publish your top ten in the facebook comments below. If you would like to get your teeth stuck in to more 10.1.4 predictions, then join in the debate on the  FCPX 10.1.4 PRE-RELEASE DISCUSSION thread.


We're aware that FB comments are in black and unreadable.
We are working on a fix!