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ripple tutorial updte 4 nov

This week Sam Mestman joins Steve Martin to look at keyboard speed with Final Cut Pro X. We also add some smoke to a picture in Motion and take the cheaper alternative to Photoshop for a spin with FCPX.

This time it's Steve doing the hosting and in this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, Sam Mestman is the guest. He explains on how using the keyboard is probably the quickest and most accurate way of using Final Cut Pro X.

A lot of great tips from Sam that should speed up an editor's editing. How far would you get without the mouse?


Mark Spencer appears for his weekly five minutes showing us how to master Motion by adding smoke into a scene.


Lastly, Steve shows us how to round trip with Pixelmator and Final Cut Pro X. We thought one for the FCPX wish list would be a right click in the browser to open the file in a named app.



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