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ripple tutorial updte 6 november

This week's three Ripple tutorials range from storyboarding and getting a graduated filter effect in FCPX, to taking a photo into Motion and animating layers in 3D.

In this week's MacBreak Studio, we embark on the first half of a tutorial on how to build a storyboard in Final Cut Pro X. Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how the built-in place holder generator in FCPX can be used to give a visual representation of a production before the shooting starts. Second part of the tutorial next week.

If you would like to know more from Steve & Mark, makes sure you visit their Ripple Training website for a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications.



Mark returns with his five minutes of Motion tips. This time he takes a flat photo, splits it into layers and then animates those in 3D in Motion using the camera.


Steve returns for his five minutes and in this episode he builds a graduated filter effect in Final Cut Pro X



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