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fcpx dec tutorial roundup

A whole range of free FCPX tutorials for the beginning of December. From how to build a timelapse, right the way through building your own free colour grading LUTs, to stabilising video.

It seems the amount of people making free tutorials seems to grow each month. Not that we are complaining, there is now a huge collection of great tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo that everybody can watch for free. That can only be good in getting the FCPX word out.

We start off with another tutorial from Lee Herbet and this time we hope we got his name right! Lee shows us how to build a timelapse with 4K pictures from a Lumix GH4.


Lee uses a shutter speed of one second on his GH4 as he likes the blur in the individual pictures. Each image is recorded at six second intervals. Here you can see the final result:


As grading with LUTs is all the rage, this tutorial from Mohammed Zainal shows how to get VSCO film presets into LUTs in Final Cut Pro X. This method will work with any picture processing application that you can pass the test pattern through. This includes Instagram filters, but only the grade will follow, effects like graduated tints and vignettes won't work.

The two tools mentioned:

LUT Utility from Color Grading Central.

Look Converter from Picture Instruments.


On to the next tutorial and Chris Swift takes us on a trip through the different stabilisation options in Final Cut Pro X. This is a quick look at the methods before entering into a music player! We posted this as it shows the pulsing blurriness that can occur when you watch the final stabilised result. We have come across this artefact on numerous occasions and would very much like to know how to fix it.


Chris Gardiner shows us how those stabilisation settings translate into fixing GoPro footage shot on a Glidecam. 


And finally, a very late entrant, but worth publishing, Tony is Gaming shows us how to track a skateboarder using Coremelts tools.