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MBS dec 8 FCPX

A complete mix of tutorials from Ripple this week. Heavyweight RED workflow from Steve and audio crossfades and exploding text with Motion from Mark.

We start the trio of tutorials with a fix for the lack of audio crossfades in Final Cut Pro X. Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin a Motion trick to automatically build an audio crossfade when you want a video cut, not a dissolve.

It is a clever trick, but doesn't really offer what we want as we tend to fade the sound of the outgoing clip out after a cut. We really hope that Apple adds one-click crossfades in a release soon. We also don't want a transition as we think this would be cumbersome when moving clips around. The ideal feature would be to have 'auto-fade-handles' that get applied to two clips at one. Would be great if you could choose where the handles started in relation to the video cut too.

If you would like to know more from Steve & Mark, make sure you visit their Ripple Training website for a huge range of tutorials on FCPX, Motion and other professional video applications.



Mark gets in to Motion by showing us how to create exploding text.


Mark gets in to Motion by showing us how to create exploding text.


Steve is back for his five minutes and this time he is showing us how to deal with RED files in FCPX.



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