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Brandan Fisher from FDPTraining likes organisation in his FCPX projects. In fact he likes organising so much, he's offering his 'Template Library' with colour coded folders to everybody for $4.99.

We will let Brandan explain his methods:


At the start of 2015, I asked myself how I could be a better editor. I’m always looking for little nuggets of information that make me better and that differentiate me from others in the industry. What am I doing that I can improve upon, and how can I provide a little more professionalism in my work?  

Organization has never been a big priority for me in the past. In fact, I have handed clients projects that had all of the assets in one folder. Like an extra closet in a house, I tossed everything in and closed the door. Sound familiar? But then, I got a glimpse of how valuable well-organized files can be when dealing with clients.

It started when I made the switch to FCPX. I was slow to adopt FCPX because I am a Master Certified Pro in the FCP7 Suite. It took me two weeks to break the old way I used to do things and fully embrace FCPX, and now it is the best NLE I have used. It makes file management so easy.

One day, I was asked to cut some videos for Microsoft. The agency needed 5 videos done, but they only wanted me to do two of them and they were going to find another editor do the other three because of time constraints. I got the drive on a Saturday and had time to process the media from all five videos. I catalogued all of the assets and Multicam synced them.

When I showed the client my progress on Monday, he was shocked and said I could go ahead and do all five videos. This gave me a glimpse of how being more organized could make me more money.

I love that FCPX gives me confidence to be able to work efficiently and keep all of my assets in order. But I started to want even more in terms of organization.

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So, I decided to integrate a new file system in 2015 where I can be completely organized. I’m tired of searching for a file on my computer, only to find I am missing media, or that I need to reconnect something. I want everything in proper order, with my libraries easily navigable, so that I can find things quickly when I need them.

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I got together with a friend and designed these awesome color-coded file folders that compliment the look and feel of FCPX, to manage all of my project assets. There’s icons for every file type: video, audio, graphics, exports, e.t.c. This pack of folders and the Library are available on my site for $4.99.

Each time I start a new project, I create a new file system exclusive to that project. As the assets come in, I sort them into each folder. The folders have preassigned finder tags so they are easy to find. This system has transformed the way I stay organized and has made my life so much easier and I truly feel like I am delivering a better product to my clients.

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Some of you might be thinking, “It’s so easy to make new folders on my computer already, why would I ever want this?” And you’re right, you can spend the time to create a bunch of new folders every time you start a project, but using these new folders is so much faster and easier.


After you have downloaded my template & folders, just keep the .zip file. Double Click to unpack it. Rename the folder, now or later, for the project you will be working on and open the Library Folder. I have even provided a Library file with all the smart collections you need to get started on your next corporate shoot. Double click the file to open it in FCPX.

You can use this template as a base and delete or add to it, and customize where you want your backups to go. Then close it and re-zip the folder to be your workflow.  

Thanks for checking this out. I hope it saves time, inspires you to want to be organized and gives you another wow factor for deliverables to your clients.


Brandan Fisher




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