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quick fcpx slideshow

So just how fast can you build a slideshow in Final Cut Pro X? Doug Suiter from FCPXposure shows us, just don't blink! Plus we run through some free and commercial FCPX plugins that help to build an good looking slideshow.

Although we are mainly dealing with video, there are times when we have to use stills in a production. It might be extra shots from a wedding or even slightly less than inspiring product stills from a client. Building a clean, moving slideshow in FCP7 wasn't easy, those keyframes were a nightmare to animate through a dissolve and once it was built, you didn't really want to tinker with it!

Things are very different in FCPX.

In this short tutorial Doug Suiter shows us how quick it is to build a basic slide show using the built-in tools in Final Cut Pro X. If the name sounds familiar, he gave us this tutorial on how to fly around a webpage in Motion. He also runs the site FCPXposure which looks like it is aiming at DSLR photographers wanting to expand into video. (Yes it is a really old version of FCPX but the technique is still good.)


Whilst on the subject of slideshows, we were reminded about a few other ways to liven up a group of stills.

CoverFlux is a free plugin from Idustrial Revolution that gives that Apple 'Coverflow' feel to a set of images. It's very customisable and completely free to download and use.


If the basic Ken Burns move in FCPX doesn't give you the result you want, check out Pan and Zoom from FxFactory. Again this plugin is free to download and use and has some good extra features such as accurate acceleration control and the option to rotate the picture as well.

It will only animate one image at a time, but if you need precise moves over an image it works very well.


From the FxFactory stable again, Photo Montage is a $199 set of generators that build slideshows in FCPX, Motion, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. It has some very unique transitions between stills.


Print Stacker is a set of plugins from FCPEffects that does exactly that, stacks photos or video on top of each other. Priced at $39 it just might give a bit of lift to a boring set of photos. 


Finally in our quick roundup of slideshow options for FCPX, there is Snapshots. A $99 set of plugins for producing slideshows that are displayed with a lot of creative content, such as frames, filmstrips, iPhones, iPads e.t.c. The plugin has also got easy to use onscreen controls for animating the image in 3D space.