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ripple sept catchup

Time to catch up with the set of Ripple Training's tutorials. A lot to go through, from MacBreak Studios to FCPX in under 5 minutes. Plus the odd DaVinci Resolve tutorial for luck.

We had a break from posting MacBreaks and of course Ripple's other 5 minute tutorials that are released every week. So time to catch up with all their videos in date order starting with the newest MacBreak Studio first.

The latest episode of MacBreak Studio looks at performance auditions. Are Auditions a really cool feature in FCPX but under used by most editors? Steve Martin explains all to Mark Spencer.

If you would like to know more about Final Cut Pro X (Steve's tip about being able to colour correct an audition in the browser is cool) then make sure you check out their very popular FCPX tutorials.



This week's FCPX in under 5 minutes looks at keying compressed footage.


Winding back a week, Steve and Mark revisited Frame.io.


Also Alexis Van Hurkman looks at dynamic trimming in DaVinci Resolve.


The week before Mark and Steve looked at importing AVCHD files into FCPX 


Alexis Van Hurkman showed us how to optimise media in DaVinci Resolve.