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Victor Gusev from Moscow very kindly emailed in this quick tip for FCPX. How do you select a clip that is not on the main storyline without using a mouse?


I like to edit in Final Cut Pro X using only the keyboard, but one thing bothered me very much.

If I need to select a clip that is not on the main storyline, I had to reach for the mouse ... In the FCPX Help it is written-  “To select a connected clip or storyline with this keyboard shortcut method, position the pointer on the connected clip and press C.”

But I've found the way to do this using the only the keyboard.

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First you need to select the edge of the clip, simply move the playhead to the edge (prev/next edit) and push the Bracket. (We found the right bracket worked for us - Editor)


fcpx select tip 001 


So, the selection of the clip's edge can be converted into selection of the entire clip by pressing Shift + C. Yes, this is Crop, in the viewer's window the control elements appear, but so what?

The main thing is that the clip is selected. But if you'll try to select the next clip in the same way, nothing happens. Repeating the crop trick doesn't work. But there is a way, you just need to use the tool transform Shift + T instead!

So, if you alternate between these two combinations, you can select any clip in the FCPX timeline via the keyboard (if two cut on one line, no problem, just Trim one per frame).

For me it is very useful workaround which I use a thousand times a day and I hope comes in handy for you.


victor guseyVictor Gusev

FCPX editor for broadcast TV
From Moscow, Russia





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