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It gets a bit annoying when the title of your Final Cut Pro X export doesn't match your Project name when it comes to exporting. Why does this happen in FCPX and how can you fix it?


If you are like me, you probably do a lot of different versions or test exports of a Project from the same timeline. Rough cut, viewing copy, graphics export, there can be many different versions before the final master output.

So when the time comes for the final, final export, Final Cut Pro X has an annoying habit of not naming your exported movie correctly. Or in other words, you keep on having to type in the original name of the master.

So why does this happen?


If you name a project at the start and do not change anything, then that will be the name of your export.

fcpx export problem 01

fcpx export problem 02 

fcpx export problem 05

(Note the 'Name' tag in the Title field)


fcpx export problem 03


If however, you export the project and call it something different such as 'Rough Cut' - Then this will be inserted into the Title field in the Project attributes in the inspector.

fcpx export problem 04


fcpx export problem 06


So when you go to do another export, it will be called 'Rough Cut' by default. This isn't good if you have explicitly named the project and you want to keep the naming convention correct. 


So how do you fix this? Before 10.3 you could drag the Name tag from another field into the Title field. That's not the case in 10.3.

All you have to do is click on the disclosure arrow on the right hand side of the Attributes title.

fcpx export problem 07


Then select 'Update to Default' from the dropdown menu. This reinserts the 'Name' tag into the Title parameter and the export name should now match the Project name.

Until you call it something else that is!

It might be a very simple tip, but it drove me mad before I found the easy solution on how to fix it.


Just as a footnote, FCP.co contributor and FCPX trainer and editor Chris Roberts had a quick read of this before publication. He suggested the same thing can be accomplished by typing 'Name' back into the Title field. More ley presses of course, but same outcome. He also suggested a read of this Apple Help Document that just might be the start of another article!



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