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We all copy and paste sections of timelines in Final Cut Pro X. Micha Blazer's discovery of a cheap app called Copy'em Paste turbocharges the CMD C & V keyboard shortcuts right in FCPX. It's a great find!

When editing a TV show, sometimes sections of previous 'moments' from earlier get recapped at the end or before or after a commercial break. It can get very annoying having to navigate up and down the timeline to copy and paste each section one at a time.

Micha Blazer very kindly got in touch to tell us about Copy'em Paste, a $15 application that acts as a clipboard manager.

So instead of having to do a paste after every copy, you can do multiple copies and then paste them all, in the order you wish.

This is again one of the things that is easier to see in action than describe in words, here's Micha:


A great tip from Micha and from the product description, the FCPX 'friendliness' might not end there. The ability to store 'favourite clippings' would be very handy when editing heavy repetitive sound FX based productions like game shows for example. We are sure there are other great benefits- we might have to test out pasting clips into Motion :)

Don't forget that the functionality will work in other apps as well!