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We predicted that as soon as Final Cut Pro X was released there would be a huge amount of free online tutorials available. Izzy Hyman has not only posted this free 26 part tutorial, but he's also made media available for download too.

We have to admire Izzy for getting these FCPX tutorials ready and published after last weeks release. He was not one of those who got the 'Golden Ticket' of a beta copy, so all of this has been produced in seven days. If you have ever made training material, you will know how much planning, time and effort it takes.


This completely free 26 part tutorial starts from the importing of media and works its way right through the application. Izzy has also made the practice media available for download so that you can follow exactly what he's doing. A great online resource for learning FCPX, if we hadn't of touched the app until now then maybe this is where we would start.

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