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The ability to edit 3D material wasn't included in the list of features of Final Cut Pro X when it was launched in June. Dashwood Cinema Solutions have plugged that gap by updating their 3D editing tools for FCPX.

Here are the slightly surprising conclusions we came to when watching the latest demo video from Dashwood Cinema Solutions: It is actually easier to edit 3D material in FCPX than it is in FCP7. Two reasons, the first is the automatic synchronisation of clips makes it easy to time up the left and right eye media into a compound clip. The second is that you can work with the native files, so those quicktimes from your 3D GoPro setup can be imported without needing to be transcoded. If you've ever had to do that then you'll know how much time that will save, x2!

So far, this is the only solution we have come across that enables 3D editing within FCPX. Stereo3D Toolbox Lite is available for $99 which seems a pretty good deal as it works in Motion5, FCP7 and Adobe After Effects too.

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