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A great video from the new Final Cut Pro X tutorial maker, FCPX Master. We see the differences between trimming, cropping and of course the old favourite, the Ken Burns effect on photos.

We have said it before and we'll say it again, this is how we see the future of training for FCPX. Short, well produced and focused on one small area of operation, Michael Mehlhorn has got this one just about right.

In this tutorial he shows us the difference between the trim, the crop tool and how to set up the start and finish point for a Ken Burns move on photos.

We also think that is is a pretty good example of why FCPX has better tools than the old Final Cut Pro. There is still a lot of bitching out there about its replacement of FCP7 and this video highlights some of the thought that has gone into the redesign.


Hopefully the video will stay online, but it looks like the whole of Vimeo was down for a few minutes when we were posting this story.

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