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We are always fascinated watching people do tasks that we have done hundreds of times over. Making the news is one of those. In this hour long tutorial, Mark Poepsel shows us how he edits a news story.

Maybe this tutorial might spark off a lot of 'he should have done it like that comments' - we would like to get in there early and say it is a lot quicker to use the audio automation tool rather than rubber banding! Everybody has their own way though, especially as FCP7 has so many methods of doing things.

We are always glad to see new tutorial makers publish videos and we're doubly pleased when they demonstrate actual editing rather than editing techniques. In this hour long tutorial Mark starts right from scratch and end up with a news story ready for transmission.

Mark has had his journalist lay down a track that he then edits to. In England the preferred technique is to voice the piece afterwards as the journo can then write to the pictures rather than 'shoe horning them in' or worse, stretching them to fit. It does of course mean that the journo has to stay for the edit!

The tutorial is aimed at somebody who hasn't cut a story before so it will seem a bit rudimentary to you seasoned FCP cutters out there. It also makes us realise that there are new editors learning FCP and FCPX every day and we should publish the basics as well as the whizz bang demos.

And to think of all the news packages we cut on Hi-Band Umatic and One Inch! Ten second preroll, colour phase, track bouncing...



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