✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

Joseph Linaschke's face might be familiar to you, he was Apple's lead presenter for 8 years. Now he's branched out and launched his own FCPX training course online.

I think if we can remember, Joseph was the presenter when Apple first demonstrated Motion back in 2004 at NAB. How things have changed since then, the price of Motion being a good example!

Another big change, the arrival of FCPX and the demand for training materials. Joseph has produced a two hour 25 minute training course for Final Cut Pro X split up into manageable subsections. You can either watch the videos online or download them for viewing later. The demo footage is available online once you've purchased so you can follow along with your own copy of FCPX. The course is backed by Peachpit, the company who produce the official book for FCPX certification, so you know that the tutorials are going to be of a high standard.

Below is a free extract from the course, a chapter about exploring the interface and features of FCPX. To get a 20% discount on the $34.99 videos, use the code FCPROX.

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