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So you don't like the colorboard in Final Cut Pro X? Not a problem as there is a nifty trick to get similar FCP7 colorwheel control back.

We actually like the colorboard for colour correcting within FCPX, but we can understand that it's not everybody's preferred way of working.  n this episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin look at a clever little trick to get those colour wheels back into FCPX. By publishing the controls of a filter in Motion and saving as a template, a custom effect is built in FCPX to give you the three wheels.

If you've got a good memory then you'll remember that we published a story on this effect a while ago, it's a good tip though and worth repeating. To download the effect, please visit the Ripple Training site.

If you like using the colorboard then the excellent series of 15 grading tutorials by Denver Riddle at Color Grading Central seem to be the most comprehensive set you'll find for FCPX, they're free too.

Don't forget to check out Mark & Steve's training books for FCPX and Motion.

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