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***Updated File***

So you need to perform some compositing on your footage that FCPX won't handle. Now you can output your clips to Nuke with this free script and layer away.

Brings a slight tear to our eyes here on the FCP.co campus that we are not talking about Shake, Apple's very similar node based compositing program that it bought, sold to customers for seven years and then killed off.

Final Cut Pro 7 had a 'Send to Shake' function, that's gone in FCPX, so how do you get reference files of clips out of X and into the replacement third party compositing app of choice Nuke?

Thomas has contacted us to say he has updated the file as it the zip file was broken. It all works fine now.

Thomas Szabo came up against this problem and decided to write his own custom script.

"I'm missing the "export as quicktime reference" option in FCP X. Luckily Apple introduced the XML-export feature which gave me all data I needed to "reconstruct" a video-clip in a Read node. This (bash) shell script parses a fcpxml-file and generates nuke-files for every clip in the Final Cut Pro X sequence (project). Tested on Mac OS X 10.6.8."


Please visit the Nukepedia site, you will have to register to get access to the download.

Here are Thomas' specifications:


  • No files are copied. The Read Nodes point to the same files as in FCP X.
  • All in-/out-frames, sequence frame positions, clip durations stay intact
  • Handle frames can be added to extend the frame range.
  • Only video-files. No audio.
  • Different FPS and dimensions were recognized.
  • Cropping, Animations, Translations, Color Corrections, Effects and every other Final Cut related modification on a clip will be·discarded!
  • The generated Nuke-files are named after their FCP X name with a following "_v01"

Usage A: with Terminal:

1 Before first usage set the user permission: sudo chmod 755 /PATH/fcpxml_to_nuke.sh
2 Export your Final Cut Pro X sequence as XML
3 Drag the script to your Terminal first, then the XML and enter your desired frame handles ··number. Hit Enter.
4 Wait…done
5 You may optionally trash the "fcpxml to nuke.workflow" file

Usage B: with right-click (Automator Services):

1 Copy the "fcpxml to nuke" workflow file to /Users/username/Library/Services
2 export your Final Cut Pro X sequence as XML
3 right-click the XML-file and choose "fcpxml to nuke" from the contextual menu
4 wait….done
5 you may optionally trash the fcpxml_to_nuke.sh file

Update 1.1 changes:

1 Added an Automator-workflow file for easy right-click usage
2 Bugfix: when FCP-X Timeline starts with Timecode set to 00:00:00 the first clip was misplaced in time in Nuke.
3 Bugfix: the script failed when an empty space was found in the filename.
4 Notes: empty spaces in filenames will be replaced by a "_".

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