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The boys are back on MacBreak Studio, this time they are talking about one of the oldest techniques in television post production: The three point edit.

As Steve Martin quite rightly says, the three point editing technique goes right back to the days when the electronic editing of videotape became possible. In this edition of MacBreak Studio, Steve shows us how to perform a normal three point edit and a backtimed version in Final Cut Pro X.

These two examples have been the basic toolkit for any editor on nearly any edit system for many years, essential knowledge if you are going to be cutting on FCPX.

We think that they haven't included Steve's mic in the final mix, you can hear him, but it sounds like spill from Mark Spencer's mic. Still very watchable anyway.

Many thanks as always to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer, don't forget to check out their excellent training books for FCPX and Motion.

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