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Using the restore function in Final Cut Pro 7 saved many a bad file, but what happens when you get a corrupted FCPX file? In this unmissable episode of MacBreak Studio, you'll learn how to repair a file that stops FCPX from opening.

Two things that struck us about this episode, first of all it was recorded before the 10.0.4 update and also it wasn't the third part of the Motion camera tutorial we were expecting!

We shouldn't worry as this advice from Steve Martin and Mark Spencer is still good and should be bookmarked because one day inevitability, you'll get a corrupted file in FCPX. Also a great insight into the internal workings of how FCPX stores event information.

One last thing, we were amused at the folder on Steve's desktop that probably contains material destined for the trash!

As always thanks to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer, don't forget to check out their training books for FCPX and Motion.

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Apple Pro Series :·Motion 5


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