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compressor final cut pro x

In our campaign to end bad audio in video productions, this new video tutorial is essential viewing. The audio compressor is a tool that must be mastered if your productions are to go anywhere near broadcast or you just want them to sound a hell of a lot better.

Believe it or not, we have had broadcast editors look at us dumbfounded when we've asked if they've used a compressor on the dialogue. An essential tool in any editors bag, a compressor reduces the dynamic range of dialogue or music by making the lows less low and the highs less high. Want to put dialogue over music? You'll need to add a compressor first if you want to hear the words over the track.

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how to apply a compressor filter to a clip and adjust the parameters. There's a little more to it than one click though, you'll have to experiment with the attack and decay times as well as the reduction ratio to avoid modulating background noise or 'breathing' for example.

It is also worth a lookback to when we hoped that custom GUI's would be avalable for FCPX -looks like we were right!

As always some great tips from our normal MacBreak duo. We should also plug Mark's update to his Callouts plugin for FCPX which is available today too. 


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