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reconform framerate fcpx

Steve Martin and Mark Spencer are back, this time they are getting very excited about conforming frame rates directly in FCPX. Some great advice if your camera shoots high frame rates and you want super smooth slomos.

Actually they get very excited as conforming different frame rates within FCPX with one click is very cool, no more visits to Cinema Tools. Not that Cinema Tools exists anymore!

The horsepower of FCPX will attempt to have a go at playing back anything on the timeline, but this handy trick as demonstrated by Steve is well worth knowing. It will make sure your media is running at the correct framerate by appling a retiming percentage. We hate speedramps, but we assume this technique could be applied to part of a clip to get a speed change too.

We mentioned on the last post that the scoreboard was a request tutorial which led to more requests here for 3D graphics within Motion and a question on how to make growing vines. We will pass these on to the Steve and Mark, if you have any more then just use the comments below.

Many thanks again to the MacBreak Studio duo for the episode, don't forget to check out their excellent training books for FCPX and Motion.