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MacPro record channels softron

We had the pleasure of spending a day at Timelime TV with Pierre Chevalier from Softron. The idea? To test out new workflows on shared storage for fast turnaround TV production. We also post one amazing video that's not to be missed!

tracking files fcpx

We have some very clever people on our Forum, one of them is Quentin Stafford-Fraser who has done some expert digging on how FCPX looks for external media. Did you know you can move media to another folder and FCPX will track it?  No, neither did we...

larry 4k FCPX briefing

Larry Jordan held an event on the 14th of January entitled '4K and Final Cut Pro X' We have posted all the videos Larry has published so far, one is not to be missed!

Apple 4K mestman

So what is going to happen to content creation this year? We don't know, but we know a man who has more insight than others. Sam Mestman looks into the crystal ball in this new article about the future of media.