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25 Jan 2021
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Rumour from @definition2011 23 Jun 2011 13:21 #201

julian mitchell @definition2011 Cambridge, UK

"definition2011 julian mitchell
Rumour through FCPUG - Walter Murch has gone back to AVID after a preview of FCPX"

When is true - FCP X RIP for pro

Explaining my opinion:

For me it is simple conclusion - there is no known editors working on FCPX - TV stations retreating from FCP - etc.
It's like I have to convince my client that I work at a professional software that only has a few minor flaws:) How the customer is an easy way to move my off-line for post-production house?

Apple to wake up. We want information about the future of FCP.

At home I work in Final Cut Pro since version 2 (if installed on the G4 Cube:)), and working for many years on Avid and 4 years on FCP.
And i must to work at least: OMF / AAF / output to the monitor / XML / multicam

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