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25 Jan 2021
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Carbon Copy Cloner vs ChronoSync 05 Apr 2021 11:54 #113811

Yes, you can do that with CCC.

{and just a note for anyone else wanting CCC-specific support, please feel free to choose "Ask a question..." from CCC's Help menu to submit a support request}

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Carbon Copy Cloner vs ChronoSync 10 Apr 2021 16:47 #113895

Ben Balser wrote: I'm a retired IT engineer and have paid for and have used CCC for many years. It is a back-up app just like Chronosync. I've no clue where you got that bad information Stu. Plus insulting us doesn't help.

insulting ? hahaha where did you read "an insult " ? I have to read my message again - (sound of foosteps fading away, and coming back) - nope ! no insult

Ben, sorry but you might be a" retired IT "and me an active "every day backuping" editor it doesn't make you more competent than me.

The problem is that you know CCC but not ChronoSync, so your not competent to compare.

myself I know and use both, big difference...

I like CCC for cloning etc but ChronoSync is an intuitive DEDICATED tool for backup.

(and, yes CCC was donationware for a long time, there you are wrong again)

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