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25 Jan 2021
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If you're a professional editor, you'd be "currently" mad to buy it. 24 Jun 2011 07:57 #215

Hi all,

I have spent some time in the last few days since it's release trying to edit with it.

If you want to buy it to see what it can do and you have a spare $300 US (Oh, by the way $349 Australian dollars in the Aussie app store, which is disgraceful, considering we are past parity on the US dollar) then that's fine. Both the handling of importing is terribly slow, even if you only copy files across it is chronic how slow it is.

Running the project A.K.A timeline at high quality with a pro-res sequence, just at SD, is also slow clunky and unstable.

Had so many crashes and what I call "flash bang" crashes where FCP X quits on you instantly.

Basic fundamentals that it cannot do are...

1. Capture from tape with timecode with RS 422 (which we know)
2. Multi Cam (which we know)
3. Play out to an external monitor (which we know).
4. To have larger tabs on the head of clips to grab rather than tiny icons.
5. To be able to see a server and raid arrays. ( at least not ones it thinks are not direct
attached like terra-block or network based shared storage)
6. To be able to tear off each window so they are individually scaleable.
7. OMF export or some sort of pro tools export.
8. Allow anamorphic selection on 720x576 or NTSC equivalent. Spatial conform on a clip does not fix this on any selection.
9. To be able to play the timeline at high quality smoothly without it stuttering and dropping frames.
10. In the Events folder allow to display without thumbnails.
11. In the Events folder, NOT to create folders for files based on file creation dates?!
12. For Auto Colour on import to work! (I'm not expecting a full grade but it's random in it's ability.)
13. Allow scaleable Project timeline rather than the woeful selection of 5 or 6 layouts.
14. To not constantly hang and crash on import of files or even worse having imported many clips, it decides it can't import any more and completely "locks out" the events folder.
15. For the stabilisation not to look at the entire imported clip for analysis but what I have used in the project. I've tried setting an in and out over the clip.
16. To be able to skim on a clip in the main viewer not just on the thumbnail. For longer files having to scale up and down the events folder is time consuming and tedious.
17. To have a both the viewer monitor and timeline monitor both displayed at once. It's very very useful in FCP7.0 and this is a massive step backwards.
18. To be able to import instantly like in FCP 7.0 on already captured clips. If I don't copy the files over and reference the original clips capture in FCP 7.0, why does it take an eon to do bring the clip in? This was instantaneous before and I cannot even use the clip until the thumbnail is finished. Very Slow!

Of course I am learning this tool and slowly going through a tutorial so some of these "features" I may not be aware of. I must say AVID is starting to look very good in the future!


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