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25 Jan 2021
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Re-rendering in each open 17 Dec 2016 10:52 #84066


My name is Andreas (...obvious :P) and I am new here!

Now on topic, whenever I open FCPX 10.3.1 why it keeps re-rendering the whole project although it was rendered before I closed FCPX (even worse if it has crashed)? It really bothers me because it has long rendering time the specific project and my whole mac is slow in everything I do until the render is finished. Is there a way to prevent that and remember Final Cut the last render?

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Re-rendering in each open 20 Dec 2016 03:32 #84117

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For starters, in FCPX select preferences and under the playback tab, turn off background rendering. With this on, the application renders your timeline whenever you are not moving the mouse or selecting any function in the program. Second step if that doesn't help, restart FCPX while holding down the Option and Command keys and choose to delete preferences when the dialog box appears. You'll have to go back into preferences to turn off background rendering again after you delete the preferences.

There could be other issues (especially if FCPX is crashing) but try the above tips first. If you still need help, post your computer specs, model, GPU, ram, etc., and media and project information (codec, project settings, where your media is stored, etc.) and we can go further.

Creating history....one edit at a time !

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Re-rendering in each open 22 Dec 2016 08:27 #84192

Thank you for your response dgwvideo! I cleared the preferences but nothing. The background rendering is not something it bothers me but anyway I followed your advice. The project still needs rendering every time I launch FCP X although it was rendered before I closed it.

I have MacBook Pro 15" Mid 2014 with Intel Haswell 4-core i7 at 2,5GHz, nvidia 750m and 16GM RAM. I use Final Cut Pro X 10.3.1 with these free plugins installed from lenofx.com and motionmastertemplates.com :
  • Bullet Points (Titles)
  • Rounded Lower Third (Titles)
  • Leno Slideshow (Generator)
  • Circles of Love (Generator)
  • Reflective Flooring (Generator)
  • Simple Background (Generator)

I used everything except "Rounded Lower Third".

Do you need any other information?

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Re-rendering in each open 22 Dec 2016 10:30 #84194

Hello Andreas,

Before we can know if Dan's excellent advice really has worked or not, you wil need to delete all the render files first. You do this right inside FCP X: select the Event in the browser and choose File > Delete Generated Event files > Delete All Render Files. Then re-render your project, close the application and launch it again. Check if the project needs to be re-rendered or not.

If the project still needs to be re-rendered:

Check if everything needs to be re-rendered, or only some parts of the timeline.

If only some parts of the timeline need to be re-rendered:

Check if these parts relate to a specific plugin or title you have used on the timeline.

If the issue is related to a specific plugin or title:

Re-install that plugin to make sure you are using the latest version.

- Ronny

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Re-rendering in each open 19 Feb 2021 12:26 #112769

I'm having this issue in 2021. I have background render switched off. I render the project completely. The next day much of what I rendered the previous day now needs doing again. This project is based on a 3 video, 1 audio multicam clip with film convert and neat noise reduction added in the multicam angles. Noise reduction isn't switched on until the final render (after editing and returning to optimised/original). I rendered it yesterday ready to give it the final once over today for export. Now I'm rendering much of it again today. It's 25 minutes long. I'm using a max spec. 2015 iMac and Catalina and it's still gonna take a couple of hours.

I wonder if it might be something to do with the combo drive? FCP looks for the render files on the SSD but the OS has since moved them.
I use the 3TB system drive then archive the library and remove. I know, advice says no but it's all about the money. I've been doing it since fcpx was launched and never experienced any issues other than exceptional stress situations or plugins failing and causing a crash (audio plugins in particular)

Andy Codling

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