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25 Jan 2021
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TOPIC: Stunt: proResRAW + 2012MacMini ;)

Stunt: proResRAW + 2012MacMini ;) 12 Apr 2018 05:20 #95107

Ok, … found on some German board this link, to dl two mov, claiming to be PRR
(wetransfer, ~1GB)

… belongs to this video

(me no hablas Español … ;) )

Step #1
No preview in Finder (select, space-bar), nor QuicktimePlayer.app can open it = looks like no ‘system wide’ codec

Step #2
… but works instantly in FCPX' Import dialogue (the two samples show no moving content, but contain audio …) - impressed. Put files, my habit, on my ext usb3 connected SSD ‘work drive’ and …

Step #3
Inspector tells, it’s proResRAW … (this is questioned on that German board - ‘just tagged’ PRR, or real PRR? Me no expert to check that…)

Step #4
New Project (did both, ‘Auto’ settings for an UHD and a fullHD one), add clips, hit Play … okayyyyyyy :lol: Playhead jumps every ~10 frames , due to ‘stillness’ of clips hard to judge, wether this is a GUI problem, or if poor MacMini offers me 0.2fps here. And lots of Activity :

Step #5
Speaking of UI: color adjustments work instantly, ‘snappy’…

Step #6
Proxy … smooth playback, transcoding of those 10secs in under a minute … no bad for my 'pocket calculator'.-

Yep, no recommended set-up for professional work to finance son’s College Fund, just a ‘stunt’ … at last "Houston, we have a pic!" …

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Stunt: proResRAW + 2012MacMini ;) 12 Apr 2018 19:13 #95120

Matias Canelson

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