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TOPIC: annoying FCPX bugs

annoying FCPX bugs 06 Feb 2020 18:06 #104430

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Hello everyone

I’m currently editing a 15 episode travel/documentary series with upwards of 12,000 clips, half of which are in 4k or at high frame rates. Multiple codecs. Each of the master timelines/projects have about 1000 various clips. I’m still using a pimped out Mac Pro 5,1 which has it’s moments but is just about coping. I must upgrade!

Anyways, the reason for this post is that some FCPX behaviour bugs the hell out of me and I was wondering if anyone had the same issues and any solutions. Apologies for long post and if I've missed answers to these. Am running 10.4.8.

After expanding the audio, J/L cuts ‘shrink’ back when libraries are re-opened. They are still all there but not visually showing where audio starts/stops. I have to expand audio to see the audio edit on a suspected clip. Makes the hunt for audio holes a little tricky sometimes.

I often drop clips onto the timeline with audio and then turn it off in the inspector if not needed. This gives me the option to turn it on again quickly if I have an idea. However when dropping clips from above the primary onto the primary, blank audio appears and I have to switch it on/off again to make it go away, even though it’s switched off in the inspector initially! This happens particularly annoyingly when multiple clips are dropped onto the primary… loads of blank audio appears…. some detached and greyed out. Audio related to overwritten clips.

I almost always have to do shift-F twice to get highlighted clip in a project to show up in the filmstrip browser. I know this has been an issue for ages.

4K compound clips in a HD timeline. Changing spatial type to ‘None’ doesn’t work. I have to expand clip and then change to none there and then go back. Would be useful if it stayed 4K.

Opening multiple projects and the damned order thing. Drives me mad how it inexplicably re-orders sometimes, and that you have to remember what you have open. I know you can click-hold the arrow buttons but still….… tabs would be great.

In the Inspector window, I wish any audio effect parameters drop downs would stay open permanently so that when you check settings you don’t have to expand it on every clip.. e.g. with limiters.

I can’t change all of the settings on a load of subtitles at the same time. Font and size are OK but others don’t copy over reliably

It would be good to have thoughts and solutions as getting annoying.

Thanks all.


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annoying FCPX bugs 07 Feb 2020 13:43 #104458

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In FCPX in the Final Cut Pro menu (we call that the Application Menu) there is a link to the feedback page. Go fill that out, let the FCPX development team know your thoughts, very important. They do actually read those.

J/L cuts, yes, they do sometimes re-open as collapsed, just how it works, I do wish they'd stay open if left open, also.

When you Overwrite To Primary Storyline, it is purposeful that the audio from the existing Primary Storyline clip is left in place as a connected clip. This is a safety feature for several reasons. It has actually saved a few times. What you are seeing is disabled audio, not blank audio. You should be able to select it and re-enable it in the inspector if you wanted. But this is not a bug, this is normal behavior.

Shift-F will select your clip in the Browser the first time, and this is a pain, it will not necessarily scroll to where that clip is. The second time forces it to scroll to the clip. The first time, if you scroll through your clips, you'll find it with the correct range highlighted. Definitely a PITA. Wasn't always like this.

I work with 4K in 1080 timelines daily and if you verify the compound is 4K when you create it, it should work as expected. I can set Conform to none and see the normal 4K size. Select your Compound in the Browser, in the Inspector, in the Info pane, I'm going to bet it's an HD Compound, not a 4K.

Yeah, no NLE is perfect, there are things you just learn to live with and move on with your work. Each update will bring fixes and new behaviors. But fill out the feedback form for sure. That is so important for users to do. The dev team really does read and catalog those.

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