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TOPIC: Grading workflow for YouTube videos?

Grading workflow for YouTube videos? 08 May 2020 14:17 #106999

I'm wondering about how you guys grade short YouTube videos (not movies).
For movies from what I gathered people tend to do most grading/correcting in the end, after the cut is done, but what about shorter videos?

Currently, I shove all my clips into compound clips, then grade before I do anything else. I use compound clips because they are dynamic and I can change color later without having to update every little piece of my cut.
But this is obviously a bit resource hungry and FCPX doesn't have an option to just playback without effects applied. I also sometimes want to change my look grade later on and have to double-click into every compound clip and update.
(I now-and-then also compound compound clips to apply global corrections like adding a compressor or fixing smaller audio issues so it can get a bit chaotic)

Cutting first (either compounds, or just a normal cut), then grading the clips with ColorFinale/Chromatic grading groups, one by one, or using adjustment layers worked as well but I currently don't own a up-to-date version of ColorFinale (I got left behind when they repeatedly charged for updates) and with the current FCPX grading tools I'm questioning if it's even worth it to re-purchase a license just for grading groups.

Can't really make up my mind which flow is the right one for me. How/when do you usually grade?

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Grading workflow for YouTube videos? 09 May 2020 15:54 #107037

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Do not color grade/correct until everything else is done, period.

There are rare clips I rarely use Cinema Grade or other third party color tools with. The current FCPX tools are great, learn them. Especially the curves. Ripple Training has some free videos on YT about all of that.

Instead of a Compound clip, use an Adjustment Layer (simply a blank title template), which you can copy/paste to other Projects as needed. Extend this title template across the top of all the clips you want to be affected.

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Grading workflow for YouTube videos? 10 May 2020 11:10 #107063

There is a free adjustment layer online you can download from YT yes.

For me its the last thing I do.

If Its absolutely necc that I grade - I drag a preset "look" onto the adjustment layer rather than fart about - its not Avengers Assemble :) But yeh there is also the manual ajdustment of the colour via adjustment layer.

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