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TOPIC: Re-organizing Library from FCP7?

Re-organizing Library from FCP7? 03 Jul 2020 21:31 #108469

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Hi, Hoping you all can sort me out here so I can sort out an old documentary feature originally rough cut in FCP7.

Basically I want master heading folders so I have Selects, Broll, Music, Still, etc.

Then I need the equivalent of Selects --> Interview name --> Grouped logged clips/subclips.

I understand that one way is to dump everything into one Event and rely on keywords, but I want a more systematic organized folder system or things will get lost for me. I also want to be able to join the modern world and use keywords too, so I guess that rules out folders. But I still need to use my logged descriptions which are my subclip names and took a lot of time to create.

I couldn't get one giant XML file out of FCP7 without errors, so I exported sequences by grouped assets into sequences. This allowed me to bring over Events semi-organized and with their full names semi-grouped like they've been used in a timeline. I felt like I beat the system and problem solved, but it's still too many Event folders to leave as is.

If I could group Events into master folders, that would be perfect.

If I could customize the group names inside events, using those as subheaders for each interview name then I could use one Event, but it doesn't appear I can do that, and I'd still want the flexibility to move files in and out of groupings.

I'm watching and reading tutorials and ending up with more of a mess, and none of them really talk about re-organizing a big existing project.

It looks like there might be clever ways of doing this with Smart Collections, Timeline Index, and Multiclip too, but I'm getting confused. I just want to simplify this and I worry those options would still leave dozens of Event folders in the way.

So what can I do?

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Re-organizing Library from FCP7? 04 Jul 2020 12:11 #108475

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First of all, nothing you did in 7 will work the same in X. Forget everything you knew about media management from 7, throw that out the window, trash it. NOTHING from 7 translates to X. I've been a trainer for a very long time, and trying to make equivalents between the two, comparisons, never works. Start from scratch, and you'll have an organizational system that works much easier than it ever could in 7. 7 was super limited.

That said, a large project will have several if not many Events. An Event needs to be a major organizational container. Such as B-Roll, or Interviews, or a specific location shoot, or a specific day's shoot.

Keywords are the closest thing you'll get to sub-clips, but are way more flexible and easier to track. Media is manually added to Keyword collections as you chose to add them.

Smart Collections are based on physical characteristics. Media is automatically added to a Smart Collection based on an existing character.

Favorites and Rejected can be used as-is, to label good takes, bad takes, etc. Or you can rename a Favorite selection to whatever word you want. For example, I have a very long clip, 3 different people speak in it. I could range out each person's appearance and make it a keyword collection, but that may be a waste, as these three folks never appear in any other clip anywhere, just this one. In this case, I'd make each range a Favorite. Then rename "Favorite" in the Browser to that person's name.

So make an Event called Selects. Make keyword collections to get your logged clips/subclips, interview names. If you have combinations of those keyword collections you want to put together, use either a Smart Collection (there's a keyword filter) or a Folder. Smart Collection will work automatically, the folder will work manually. Whatever fits your needs.

I can not stress strongly enough to NOT try to organize based on folders and subclips like you did in 7. You will only lose more hair than you have already. Start from scratch, it'll work out so much better. Let the past go, move into today, breath.

You can make Folders to put your collections into, I do this a lot.

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