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25 Jan 2021
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no Camera LUT in Inspector for proxies when Original media offline 28 Oct 2020 04:47 #110641

Hi All,

Just checking if anybody can confirm this (possibly) new behaviour I'm seeing since 10.4.9:

Import Log footage (C300 CLog2) which is transcoded in Compressor to ProRes. Footage left on external USB drive. After import FCP correctly applies the Canon Log 2 LUT in the Inspector automatically.
Create Proxies ProRes 50% into the Library which is on the system drive. When in proxy mode the Camera LUT is correctly set as with the Original.
When I disconnect the external drive with the original clips the Camera LUT setting in the Inspector disappears and the proxies are therefor only displaying without the LUT. Reconnecting the original clips returns the LUT setting.

I can now of course create proxies externally with the LUT baked in but for several reason this would inconvenience my current workflow.

So do you see the same behaviour? If not what type of footage are you working with? Also if not do you store the original media externally and is it always connected even though you might work in proxy mode.

Any info greatly appreciated (trying to figure out if Apple changed the behaviour or if it is a bug)

Cheers, Carsten

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